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Organic Law on Data Protection

Data protection regulations affect digital businesses and the relationships they maintain with their customers. It also applies to relationships with employees, suppliers or job candidates.

Treatment of customer data

Customers must be understood as those people with whom a business relationship is maintained. The definition includes different categories of personal data: those necessary for the maintenance of the business relationship and its management, such as billing, sending postal or email advertising, after-sales service and loyalty; Identification data: name and surname, TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, postal address, telephone numbers, e-mail and, finally, bank details: for direct debit of payments.

We send our clients this document in pdf requesting the appropriate authorization.

Data processing with potential clients

The data necessary to carry out the commercial promotion of the company are included here. These are those corresponding to identification: name and surname and postal address, telephone numbers, e-mail. The data of these potential clients can only be extracted when they are provided voluntarily or from publicly accessible sources, where the internet does not enter. The only sources of public access are: the promotional census, from which it is possible to obtain the name, surname and address of the people registered there; the telephone directory (regulated by current regulations); list of people who are in a professional group, from whom only the name, profession, title, activity, academic degree, professional address can be extracted and that it is indicated that they belong to that group; official newspapers and gazettes (with some exceptions) and the media.

Treatment of data of candidates

This are the data voluntarily provided by the candidate for a job within a specific company. This usually includes both personal and academic and professional data. The use that may be made of them is exclusive for the purpose that triggers them and they must be deleted within one year of the submission of the application.

Suppliers data

These are the data obtained in order to manage the relationship with the providers of products and services. The data is all necessary for the maintenance of the employment relationship such as identification, name, Tax Identification Number, postal address, telephone numbers, e-mail. The data may be kept until meeting the deadlines provided by tax legislation regarding the prescription of responsibilities.

FSGROUP by FSESTRUCTURAS SLP complies with the LOPD. To guarantee its updated maintenance, it has contracted the service from a specialized company Once a week a security document is received confirming that the backup has been carried out correctly.

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